Obscene House 2: Slave Contract

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Obscene House 2: Slave Contract
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3 months until the wedding. The bride-to-be, Ye-rim, who was looking for a place to stay temporarily until the move-in date of the newlyweds, moves into a one-room mansion that is cheaper than the market price. It was a mansion for women that was banned. It is a sanctuary only for women who have nothing to complain about other than the manager Guro, from moving her immediate moving items to the boiler breaking down .
Ye-rim, who is dissatisfied with the cramped reality that even her fiance cannot invite, eventually invites Seong-ju into her house without her manager’s knowledge. do. Ye-rim even pays sexual favors to escape from the caretaker’s control, but rather falls deeper into the trap he set… What is the reality of Roseville, a women-only mansion that has completely changed the life of the bride-to-be?

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