Actresses: Sex Audition

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Actresses: Sex Audition
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Cheonbong, a third-class movie director, goes hunting with Dae-do as the newly-established assistant director Mi-young. However, hunting is just an excuse, and Cheonbong’s interest is more on Jet-Bob. Chun-bong tries to fill his greed by deceiving Mi-young, who doesn’t know the industry. Cheonbong’s wife, Eunwoo Son’s soccer coach, Together with Seong-gyu, he goes on a journey of deviation. Daebu-do is a place of memories that Cheonbong and Eun-woo enjoyed during their dating. Unfortunately, the couple enjoys an overnight meeting at a neighboring pension. They burn each other’s bodies in the same space without knowing each other’s existence… The life of a couple in this era of tightrope walking between Eros and Tanatos. Digging secretly into the crack’s space.


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